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Pre-K Five's Class


Our philosophy is to provide a safe, happy and developmentally appropriate environment for children to practice kindergarten readiness skills as outlined in the state of Ohio early child education standards.  

The classroom is designed so that children feel comfortable asking questions and exploring the world around them.

We believe it is essential to build healthy, positive relationships between teachers and students.

Virtual Tour of the Pre-K Five's Classroom


Our developmentally appropriate curriculum emphasizes:

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Physical Growth:

  • Approaches to Learning

  • Language and Literacy

  • Cognitive and General Knowledge


Yuri Shibata, Certified Music Therapist, provides monthly music classes.

Wright Memorial Librarian, Karen Mills, visits and reads to the class and leads fun activities.  

Lutheran Church of Our Savior’s Pastor, Stefan Rickman, meets with the students for a fun chapel time.


Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment that supports and promotes social development, as well as, learning centers to explore math, science, art, language arts and small & large motor skills.


Kindergarten Readiness

Our Pre-K Five's Program is fully focused on Kindergartenn Readiness with all of these students attending Kindergarten the following year.  The Pre-K Five's curriculum has a strong focus on letter identification/writing and corresponding phonetic sounds. Additional literacy skills taught include rhyming, beginning sounds, and blending sounds.  These prereading skills prepare students for a strong start to their reading journey in Kindergarten.  Pre-K Five's students continue to build on their prior math skills by expanding their knowledge of number recognition, correspondence, and counting through 20.  Additionaly, students practice writing numbers and develop skills in patterning, sorting, and graphing.  These beginning math skills provide a strong foundation for learning simple addition and subtraction in Kindergarten.  There is also a strong focus on independence and self-help skills to be sure our oldest preschoolers are set up for success when they begin Kindergarten. 

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