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Young 5 Year Old Class


Our philosophy is to provide a safe, happy and developmentally appropriate environment for children to practice kindergarten readiness skills as outlined in the state of Ohio early child education standards.  

The classroom is designed so that children feel comfortable asking questions and exploring the world around them.

We believe it is essential to build healthy, positive relationships between teachers and students.

Virtual Tour of the Young 5's Classroom


Our developmentally appropriate curriculum emphasizes:

Social and Emotional Growth

Life skills are practiced daily in the classroom and the children role play a new life skill each week.

Examples include: introducing yourself, how to accept a compliment, getting the teachers attention and accepting “no” as an answer.

It is expected that the children treat each other with respect and manners during play. They have the opportunity to discover and practice positive social skills during free play, snack time, large motor time, as well as, show and tell on Thursdays.

Children are encouraged to share their emotional experiences with their classmates. Talking out disagreements using words and feelings are experiences that are practiced daily.  Teachers will offer “advice” on how to handle a situation, but try to facilitate the children handling their disagreements as independently as possible.

Physical Growth:

Small and large motor manipulative items are incorporated on a daily basis to encourage physical development. Group games are created and placed into the weekly schedule to encourage social, problem solving and listening skills.

Cognitive learning

Weekly, we focus on a different alphabet letter with letter recognition and letter sound. Pre-writing and reading is supported and encouraged, not forced. We believe children learn at their own pace, especially at this age, and it is okay to not be doing these things yet.

Materials are provided to practice the pre-writing, however, it is not a forced topic. We participate together saying The Pledge of Allegiance, discussing the date, day, month and year, as well as, group activities that encourage following teacher directions.


Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment that supports and promotes social development, as well as, learning centers to explore math, science, art, language arts and small & large motor skills.


Yuri Shibata, Certified Music Therapist, provides monthly music classes.

Wright Memorial Librarian, Karen Mills, visits and reads to the class and leads fun activities.  

Lutheran Church of Our Savior’s Pastor, Stefan Rickman, meets with the students for a fun chapel time.


We take a direct, positive approach to discipline by explaining to the children at the beginning of the year, what behavior we expect to see at school.

Clear, understandable limits are set for all children.

If inappropriate behavior arises, a child will be redirected to another activity or encouraged to talk the problem out with their classmate.

A time out maybe used for repeated inappropriate behavior.

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