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3 Year Old Class


Our philosophy is to provide a curriculum and classroom environment to enhance your child's development and foster learning.

For Three's, our focus is to provide a nurturing 

environment in which the children learn through play, learning centers, child-centered and teacher-directed activities, repetition and discovery.

3's Classroom Tour


Daily Routine

Our daily routine provides consistency so children feel comfortable at school.  

Mornings include: circle time (book, song, calendar, weather and letter of the week), activities, snack, free play in the room and physical play in the gym or outdoors.  We also include enrichment programs.


Yuri Shibata, Certified Music Therapist, provides monthly music classes.

Wright Memorial Librarian, Karen Mills, visits and reads to the class and leads fun activities.  

Lutheran Church of Our Savior’s Pastor, Stefan Rickman, meets with the students for a fun chapel time.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum emphasizes:

Social and Emotional Learning

We encourage children to communicate with language in interactions with teachers and peers, and to express feelings in an appropriate manner.


Physical Growth:

Activities are provided which use small motor muscles, with materials such as: crayons, scissors and small items to grasp. 

Children enjoy exercising their large muscles with activities such as: running, jumping, and riding toys in the gym or outdoor play area.

Approaches to Learning

Activities are included that promote initiative, curiosity and engage children's attention to task completion.  Materials are provided to stimulate creativity and thought.

Language and Literacy

A print-rich environment is provided in the classroom to promote pre-reading skills.  The children are introduced to age appropriate books, early phonics and letter recognition.

Cognition and General Knowledge

Math: Number coorespondence, size and shape recognition with puzzles, counting, sorting and number recognition.

Social Studies: Social rules and different ways to interact are discussed.  Children are provided with culturally diverse activities.

Science: Children learn about their environment through experiences that investigate living things, objects, materials and cause and effect.

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