Your child is in experienced, loving hands at Top of the Hill Preschool.  Our caring, qualified teachers put the growth and well-being of your child first by interacting with your child daily, encouraging age appropriate learning experiences. 


To maintain and achieve the highest quality learning experience for your child, all teachers participate regularly in continuing education.

Our Director

Our Teachers

Two Year Olds Class

Lead Teacher

Two Year Olds Class

Teacher Aide


Lauren Randall

Three Year Olds

Class "A"

Lead Teacher


Tiffanie Fitch

Three Year Olds

Class "B"

Lead Teacher 

Marian Marlin

Kimberly Moore

IMG_E5457 (1).JPG

Kendall Lyles

Three's Classes

 Teacher Aide

IMG_E5453 (2).JPG

Diana Beblo

Four's & Young Five's Teacher Aide


Caroline Kline

Four Year Olds Class

Lead Teacher

Mary Simmons

Young Five Year Olds Class

Lead Teacher


Linda Lewis

Substitute Teacher