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  • I want to express our sincerest gratitude for the phenomenal care and educational foundation that Henry has received at Top of the Hill Preschool over the last two years. Your team's dedication, professionalism, and warm environment have been invaluable in shaping his early years.  The personalized attention, nurturing, and the level of engagement provided to Henry have not only helped him grow but have also created lasting memories for our entire family.  We are truly grateful for the experiences and opportunities that your preschool has afforded him. We have always recommended your preschool to friends and family, and we will continue to do so.  Any child who has the opportunity to attend your program is indeed a fortunate one. Thank you again for the important work you do and for the positive impact you have made on Henry. ~~~~Best Regards, Ed Laage

  • We cannot thank you and your staff enough for the stellar quality of care and education you have provided to Layla this year.  We always felt safe sending her to school and that is because of what you and your staff do on a day to day basis.  We look forward to Layla’s next year with Top of the Hill preschool!

  • Top of the Hill preschool has been a fantastic experience for all three of our boys. The teachers welcomed us and helped us settle in when we first moved to Ohio, 7.5 years ago, when our eldest son joined the 3's class (at the school's previous location); our youngest is now in the 4's class. The teachers offer the children a very kind, caring and fun environment. Both the outdoor playground and indoor gym space are fantastic, allowing the children to run and play (a very important criteria for a family with three very active boys). The flexibility that is offered regarding staying for lunch or extended day, is invaluable for busy parents. We couldn't imagine a better place for our boys to attend preschool.  ~~~~Angela and George Mwandia

  • We are so happy with how much progress she has made in the few short months since school has started.  She LOVES school and would go all day every day if she could.   She and Lucy even play "Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Ostendorf ".  We do work with her at home but I know a great deal of what she has learned is because of you both.  We are so grateful for what you do! Thank you! ~~~~Caroline

  • Sending our daughter to Top of the Hill preschool has been one of our best choices as parents of a young learner. The teachers, learning environment and education has far exceeded our expectations.  It was important for me to choose a school whose classrooms and programs were created thoughtfully and communication with my child was done in a loving and respectful fun manner. I know this is happening daily! And, not by what I see when I pick my daughter up and drop her off, but rather in the way she “plays school” at home. While playing with her dolls, she is repeating the phrases that are being spoken to her, these phrases are words of encouragement and discipline that is loving, patient and kind. The phrases are not mine, not my husband’s or her siblings…they are the words of her teachers and the adults at TOH, stewarding her little eyes and heart through the mornings. There is no question in my mind that teachers and preschool have a growth mind set while modeling healthy boundaries for young people.  Choosing your child’s first learning environment can be a heavy choice, you want to make the right choice often when it is your first, you have little experience only a site visit and going with your gut. Please allow my words and experience help make the choice a little easier, Top of the Hill Preschool has far exceeded our expectations. ~~~~Warmly, Sloane’s mom

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