• Top of the Hill preschool has been a fantastic experience for all three of our boys. The teachers welcomed us and helped us settle in when we first moved to Ohio, 7.5 years ago, when our eldest son joined the 3's class (at the school's previous location); our youngest is now in the 4's class. The teachers offer the children a very kind, caring and fun environment. Both the outdoor playground and indoor gym space are fantastic, allowing the children to run and play (a very important criteria for a family with three very active boys). The flexibility that is offered regarding staying for lunch or extended day, is invaluable for busy parents. We couldn't imagine a better place for our boys to attend preschool.  ~~~~Angela and George Mwandia

  • We are so happy with how much progress she has made in the few short months since school has started.  She LOVES school and would go all day every day if she could.   She and Lucy even play "Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Ostendorf ".  We do work with her at home but I know a great deal of what she has learned is because of you both.  We are so grateful for what you do! Thank you! Caroline


Top of the Hill Preschool of Oakwood is a non-profit, ecumenical and inclusive outreach program of Lutheran Church of Our Savior, licensed by the State of Ohio Job and Family Services.  We are the ideal size for hands on, individual interaction with each and every student.



155 East Thruston Blvd.
Oakwood, OH  45419


email: preschool@oursaviordayton.org

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