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2 Year Old  Class


Our philosophy is that children learn and grow through play and socialization.  As our two year olds are experiencing the first year of preschool, we emphasize providing a warm and nurturing environment.

For Two's, our main goal is to provide a friendly, structured class so your child will build self-confidence in the preschool setting.

Virtual Tour of the 2's Classroom


Daily Routine

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum emphasizes:

  • Social and Emotional Growth

  • Physical Growth

  • Cognitive learning


Yuri Shibata, Certified Music Therapist, provides weekly music classes.

Wright Memorial Librarian, Karen Mills, visits and reads to the class and leads fun activities.  

Lutheran Church of Our Savior’s Pastor, Stefan Rickman, meets with the students for a fun chapel time.

Our daily routine provides consistency so your children feel comfortable at school.


Children have fun in free play, learning centers, art, snack time, gym/outdoor play, story time, songs and finger play.


Our classroom's policy of discipline is based on positive reinforcement of good behavior.  This is designed to ensure every child the best possible learning environment.

Our goal is to instill in each child a sense of self-discipline and responsibility for themselves.  If a "calm down time" is needed, the teacher or aide will direct the child to the designated area and gently talk to the child about the behavior and the reasons for the "calm down time".  

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness can begin as early as age 2!  At TOTH our youngest learners will begin to learn and develop skills they'll need throughout preschool and beyond.  Our two's program helps to develop social and behavioral skills such as independence and self-control.  Our two-year-old students are given the opportunity to explore daily activities that encourage social interactions, curiosity, and wonder all while introducing colors, shapes, letters, and number concepts.

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